Trump declares 'mission accomplished' in Syria strike

Are you trying to explain something to someone about the ET & UFO phenomenon and they don't get it? Instead of trying to convey ETI using EAI think like HET do and convey the message using ETI. Using the term 800 as a way to ask someone if they can "SEE ET" in the concept you are trying to convey forces them to shift gears in their mind from EAI to ETI. This gives you the ability to get them to look at the same concept from a new and Xbeing associated perspective.

Do you 800 how Trump declaring Mission accomplished over Syria is really a covert message from Xbeings revealing Air Supremacy over Earth? (article)

When you read Syria using wormation you get
SYRIA = SY RIA (porpheme)
SY = SupremacY (bracketing)

RIA = AIR (reversal)


Since EA don't understand how to read Alien they cannot see the hidden messages that are being revealed on a daily basis demonstrating control of Earth, and most importantly how the UFO sightings are really just ETS maintaining Air Supremacy over Earth.

Notice how none of the so-called military experts ever even speculate on the possibility of ETS achieving air supremacy over Earth. Also, notice how the military leaders including Trump won't comment on the F-18 UFO Intercept or F-18 Pilot Alien Warning.

If everyone is an EA and you're not hiding anything why can't you comment on it?
If everyone is not an EA and you are hiding something that is why you cannot comment on it.

Remember how Bush 43 declared Mission Accomplished when he landed on the aircraft carrier and almost 2 decades later we're still mired in conflict in Iraq. Do you ever stop to think all these events are part of a larger contiguous war by ET against the EA?

Do you 800 that?

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