Air Force Identifies Thunderbird F-16 Pilot Killed in Crash

Are you trying to explain something to someone about the ET & UFO phenomenon and they don't get it? Instead of trying to convey ETI using EAI think like HET do and convey the message using ETI. Using the term 800 as a way to ask someone if they can "SEE ET" in the concept you are trying to convey forces them to shift gears in their mind from EAI to ETI. This gives you the ability to get them to look at the same concept from a new and Xbeing associated perspective.


With the release of an (article) about USAF Major Stephen Del Bagno, callsign "Cajun" some interesting analysis is available.

Do you 800 how when you read his last name and callsign using wormation

BAGNO = NO BAG (porpheme)

CAJUN = JUN AC (porpheme)
JUN = JUNK (porpheme)
JUNK = CRASH (synonym)
AC = AIRCRAFT (ecronym)


So his name and callsign, when translated into Alien using wormation, means that he knew and/or they at least knew he was going to crash his aircraft. Also, that he doesn't really die as in NO BAG or he is not getting a body bag generally associated with people when they die.

Remember Xbeings are capable of polymorphing and as such employ the same methodology on EA to bring them back to life on other planets to continue to use them as slaves (EMSR). there.

This allows you to elevate your awareness level of ETI as you assess the possibilities:

  1. he was a HET that performed a scripted plan on Earth
  2. he was a complicit EA that performed a scripted plan on Earth
  3. he was an unaware EA that the Xbeings subjected to their scripted plan on Earth.

Immediately you get people who are appalled at how you can disgrace the death of a person who died serving their country by associating it with this ET nonsense. The problem is the people making that statement have no idea Hetlau and that they are at war with the EA.

They don't realize that the U.S. Military cannot defend the U.S. against Xbeings and for that matter even if you combined all the militaries of Earth they could not defend Earth or even one EA against the Xbeings.

By following the social customs Xbeings have created on Earth EA just keep repeating the same patterns every day and no one questions why because the HET have made it appear as though it is a disgrace or psychological disorder to question it and thus ensure it continues every day.

The people who are so concerned that you might be disgracing a fallen military serviceman are the very people who are going to be so shocked by the information released at disclosure they may not even be able to deal with it. Rather than be blindsided by a rude awakening at least you have a chance now to prepare yourself psychologically for what is going to happen.

In addition, if you were a military service person, say for instance a fighter pilot, possibly even regarded as one of the best fighter pilots, and you were incapable of defending yourself, your military, the civilians you were tasked with protecting, and unable to send a signal to them to let them know what was going on what would you want?

Would you want everyone to sit there and eulogize you and tell people who are trying to point out what is really happening to seek psychiatric treatment for their apparent delusional disorder and/or schizophrenic break from reality? Or, would you rather that someone else pay attention to the possibility EA are having their clocks cleaned and lunch handed to them, to put it mildly?

EA have been losing at war against Xbeings since day 1. EA are currently losing at war against Xbeings. EA will continue to lose to at war to Xbeings for the foreseeable future. Being so closed minded as to just give every person a free pass who serves in the military is simply prolonging the problem.

The military is the first line of defense against Xbeings and the fact that they have penetrated that barrier with polymorphing HET means all the militaries of Earth are really Hextaries (ie their militaries). One of the best places to learn about HET and how to stop the Xbeing assault on EA is to study people and EvenTs in the military as they provided clues to the answers EA need.

Reviewing the Maj. Bagno scenario you can see the three possibilities portray what is happening down here on Earth. Even if you want to take the most conservative approach and say he is an unaware EA that was killed by the Xbeings and as such the Hetlau it still doesn't mean they aren't defeating us at war.

The problem is when you take a less conservative approach you have to wonder how does a guy get to the level of the Air Force where he is an F-35 and Thunderbird Pilot and has no idea what is going on. Its one thing for the civilian public to be clueless as to all the hype over Area 51 and UFO sightings, its another for a career fighter pilot whose at the cutting edge of tactical aircraft and associating with the whos who of aviation circles in his Thunderbird Shows.

One way or another it is difficult to believe he made it to that level and was oblivious to what was going on. The point though isn't to paint him as the bad guy who might be a complicit EA. The point is why is the civilian population so clueless as to what is going on and unwilling to challenge the Hextocracy, Hextary , and Hexnasa by asking Fox Five aka Miramar CTV Protocol based questions about what is really going on on Earth?

Do you 800 that?

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