The 'End of the World' Is Today. Here's Why We're Still Here


Do you 800 this?

An (article) was just published explaining why the latest doomsday revelation failed.

Ever notice how all the doomsday predictions fail? Wonder why? The key is they are all just misdirection. Once you know Hetlau and they are developing an ETA on Earth you know they aren't going to just blow the whole thing up.

Rather they need to keep producing stories that make people think all these ideas that keep them focused on irrational thought so they won't look at the possibility there is actually a totally rational explanation for what is going on on Earth. It may not be a pleasant explanation but it is a rational one once you apply the missing militaristic component.

With natural, biblical, and even man-made events there are enough examples throughout history to give most people enough reason to think its possible worse events are still to come. Then add to that a few Hetlau produced doomsday stories and a few unaware EA copycat storytellers and you have enough of a track record from historic events and the storytellers to keep society in panic mode about it.

All you have to do is realize the Hetlau have an ETA to complete prior to disclosure and a plan to continue to use the EA as POW's (EPMS) and Slaves (EMSR) after disclosure and suddenly the doomsday scenarios take on the new meaning of misdirection. Once you get proficient at precognition you can see it happening on a daily basis and know exactly where its headed as soon as the stories come out.

Do you 800 that?