Gina Haspel says CIA won't restart its torture program

Are you trying to explain something to someone about the ET & UFO phenomenon and they don't get it? Instead of trying to convey ETI using EAI think like HET do and convey the message using ETI. Using the term 800 as a way to ask someone if they can "SEE ET" in the concept you are trying to convey forces them to shift gears in their mind from EAI to ETI. This gives you the ability to get them to look at the same concept from a new and Xbeing associated perspective.


Do you 800 this?

An (article) was just published questioning whether Gina Haspel if confirmed as CIA director would restart the torture program and should Congress and/or the Government believe her.

If you're reading the article and your wondering whether you should believe her or not as well then you have no idea what is really going. Whether Gina Haspell restarts a program is just misdirection.

Once you know Hetlau, are at war with us, and are enslaving us another more ominous concern comes to the forefront. Hetlau have been on Earth the whole time committing every known crime against mankind as well as many that are unknown. This doesn't even include what they are doing to EA they have removed from Earth via abductions or the approximately 20 trillion they have polymorphed after their death on Earth and placed on other planets.

Imagine the courts trying to sort out if a person on Earth has committed a crime against an EA but that person is not from Earth. Are they going to give them diplomatic immunity they way we give individuals from other countries immunity? Are we going to extradite them where they won't even be prosecuted? Are we going to prosecute them only to have them fake their jail term and vacation on another planet since the Hetlau control all the courts and jail systems?

Sort of makes you wonder and then you look back and have to realize they have all the EA sitting here wondering are we still torturing each other and have we actually stopped it and/or will we restart it? Can you see how its just misdirection?

Do you 800 that?