Humanity's 3 Hopes For Finding Alien Life

Are you trying to explain something to someone about the ET & UFO phenomenon and they don't get it? Instead of trying to convey ETI using EAI think like HET do and convey the message using ETI. Using the term 800 as a way to ask someone if they can "SEE ET" in the concept you are trying to convey forces them to shift gears in their mind from EAI to ETI. This gives you the ability to get them to look at the same concept from a new and Xbeing associated perspective.

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Do you 800 this?

An (article) was just published describing humanities supposed 3 hopes for finding alien life.

  1. looking in the solar system
  2. looking to exoplanets and other nearby stars
  3. looking for signals of intelligent aliens

notice how closely they align with the Triad of Being Had

  1. Search for basic building blocks of life on exoplanets
  2. Search for radio signals from star systems other than our own
  3. Call identifiable vehicles that don't fly unidentified flying objects

If you look at their step one all they need to do is not only look inside the solar system but elevate the search for Humanoid life forms instead of just biological building blocks and then perform that search on Earth and you will find Hetlau.

Next, they fail to include the possibility of an Extra Terrestrial and/or Alien being intelligence aka ETI including the possibility of residing as Hetlau, going to war against, and enslaving a group of beings as a possibility of being intelligent. Overlooking that key possibility is what is also preventing a solution to the ET & UFO phenomenon.

Do you 800 that?