Before you can realize HET (Humanoid ET) Live Among Us or HETLAU, you have to realize you’re an EA (EArthling). If you are hearing this and not self identifying as a EA publicly then the reality is you are a UEA or (Uninformed EArthling). To make matters worse you are competing on a planet with HET and CEAs (Complicit EArthling) who are helping the HET. Thus the reason you have never heard about this publicly. The HET / CEA have it in their interests to ExploiT and intellectually enslave you and all the UEA, and as such, are not going to reveal their hidden agenda.

That can be a lot to wrap your mind around at first. By controlling society through its entire evolutionary development on EArth, ET via the HET and with help from CEA, have created a condition where an EA does not even understand what they are. Lacking an understanding of what they are leads to the inability to assess what ET is.

So one of the main goals of a UEA should be to self identify globally as an EA and dialogue that HETs live among us & CTVs vectate above us. You can immediately see how different the statement HETs live among us & CTVs vectate above us is from the statement ETs & UFOs exist.

Where does one begin to put all of this into perspective that makes sense? The first step is to learn about HET Maybe Mode. This deals with comprehending ET as a being. If you find the ETVs (ET Vehicle) more interesting, then start with trying to understand what a CTV (Celestial Tach One Vehicle) is and how they vectate (vectored levitation) instead of flying, that would be the other option as a starting point.