As soon as someone hears HET are living among us the first thing they do is ask, "who is one of them?".


For most this is the end of their ability to understand what is going on and they will be forced whether they realize it or not to just rejoin the unaware public and sit around and wait for disclosure regardless of what they believe.

The problem is that human nature causes the natural tendency for an immediate physical connection to a concept. That physical connection has to be real, it has to be provable, and it has to be accepted socially in a group setting. Otherwise the individual will be forced to utilize mental concepts that are foreign to them at best and usually simply nonexistent in their extra terrestrially untrained mind.

Even if you could tell them this person is an HET there is no way to prove it, they will not get the corroboration they need from an authority figure, and you still don't know if the person is just a CEA. When being instructed as to how to learn to recognize what is going on on Earth and realize HET have been living among the UEA the whole time mankind had been on Earth, stop looking for the individual and look for the group.

It is analogous to looking up in the sky and being told don't look at the Sun it will blind you. The average EA with no understanding what is going on, having been lied to their whole life by society, having incorrect historical records all throughout history, and no idea what it means to be blinded (in this HET context) needs to experience it for themselves. The problem is once they attempt to experience it they can no longer see it.

They stay laser focused on trying to single out one individual on Earth who is an HET. They know this will allow their mind to have a reference point, sort of a first step on a ladder they can start climbing from. They will never get this though, since it can not be proven to them. Only an experienced IEA or Informed EArthling, who has spent years studying group S&T or Strategy & Tactics, can ascertain who is likely an HET and can continue to operate mentally without the verifiable proof because they understand the higher level concepts and what they require to function and proceed normally without traditional knowledge queues.

As an entry level rule in the lessons on how to understand HETLAU (HET Living Among Us) focus on the group not on the individual. The more you focus on the group the more the individuals will appear out of the periphery.

How do you focus on the group? You need to realize Extra Terrestrials designed Earth, its beings, EvenTs, evolution, history, future etc... As hard as that is to believe that is where you need to start. Then breaking the structure down societally by its disciplines and or group hierarchical organizations. For example Countries, Governments, Militaries, Business etc... Focusing on how these things evolve over time and which ones rise to power, retain power, and lose power.

Knowing the HET live among us and must use these structures to control Earth allows you to see the plan they crafted before Earth existed. Then seeing how it is being implemented on Earth allows you to see how the plan is being executed. Realizing history is essentially a printout of the ETA or ET Architecture designed before EArth ExisTed is key. As you follow these timelines and EvenTs throughout history you will being to realize your initial quest of who is an HET. The individuals controlling these disciplines / hierarchical organizations need to be HET and or CEA which takes you part way to where you are trying to go.