You need to realize you are an Earthling. Sounds silly doesn't it. The key is the HET living among us have divided us up into countries by which we view our identification. Until the Earthlings elevate their level of awareness to that of a planetary being, like an Extra Terrestrial does, they will lack the ability to think on the level of an ET.


Also note the abbreviation for Earthling is EA. So when you speak with other people who are interested in disclosure as well ask them if they are aware they are EA and begin to converse using the proper terminology. Sounds insignificant I know but if everyone on Earth was identifying themselves as EA all of sudden the HET will stand out because they are fraudulently misrepresenting themselves on Earth since the default mindset of an EA is to believe everyone is an EA without question.

Then come around full circle and mention the petition this time using the advanced understanding url instead of the beginner url  See the difference?
Then read the blogs to stay on top of current posts that describe what is going on in the world from the viewpoint of someone who sees it with the awareness of Hetlau. Also take time to read the articles to get and understanding of the terminology and concepts so you can elevate your awareness level from that of EAI (Earthling Intelligence) to ETI (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence).

We keep the site updated regularly so check back often. Also take the time to share posts with others on social media. Getting the petition signed and getting the word out will only speed up the process and bring about the disclosure you are so interested in getting.

At this point you should have read these articles:

Two Way Mirror Theory
Estimation Theory
Prove It Theory
Hand Gesture
Disclosure Petition Article

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(both go to the same petition)
Make sure to become a voice for change and get the word out.
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