Scientists detect more bizarre signals from deep space


You see headlines like this all the time (article). Almost every day if you look hard enough some organization somewhere is receiving signals from outer space which they can't figure out what they are.  So what should you make of it? Well, you can spend your time following along trying to understand what they are saying. In the end, it's all going to be a waste of time.

If you follow you'll know Hetlau. Once you know that you'll realize two things that are obvious. First these stories are just subliminal dissemination. Second, even if they did discover a signal from another system which meant life existed elsewhere, it will all lead back to, and the biggest thing of concern, that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials have lived among us the whole time mankind has been on Earth aka Hetlau.

So other than just being aware of the articles there isn't really much you can glean from them. In order to stay out in front of what is going on, you need to keep yourself informed which is doing for you. Beyond that, you should be able to look at article heading and immediately decide is it subliminal dissemination or misdirection. Then what effect will the story have on disclosure knowing Hetlau? 

Once you can quickly assess those two points you are staying ahead of the game and you know almost as much as can be known short of being a Hetlau or complicit EA in the know. Also, your level of awareness and ability to perceive what is going on are adequately heightened. That is basically the goal other than trying to push disclosure to happen quicker by signing and getting others to sign the petition at