The Alien Planets of TRAPPIST-1 May Be Too Wet for Life


A recent analysis of Trappist-1 has scientists sensing it may be to wet for life (article).

The reason why it is so difficult for Earthlings (EA) to find Extraterrestrial life stems mainly from our perspective of how to look for it. You'll notice that scientists lack of a forward-thinking model of how Extraterrestrials might interact with EA has them using a backward model that has them evolving the way we think we evolved. So they search for the most primitive forms of life in environments simiar to ours. Seems logical but in reality, it is a huge waste of energy, resources, and time.

The key is so simple the term Extraterrestrial is grammatically incorrect. It is Extra Terrestrial. Just like the acronym ET delineates or differentiates two words the term Extraterrestrial should be consistently applied. Even Extra-Terrestrial with a hyphen is incorrect. Why?

The key is the term Extra Terrestrial allows you to prepend Humanoid to it and arrive at HET. This allows the scientific community to the theorize forward-thinking concepts of how ET may function as a HET.

That forward-thinking process would allow for a worst case scenario where ET place mankind on Earth and live among them as HET. This allows the HET to control Earth since they appear as EA to the EA. Then the HET can fulfill an ETA and maintain a state of war against the EA and enslave them without their being aware of it.

Unfortunately, society is a long ways away from realizing this. Along with SETI wasting everyone's time searching for radio signals the HET living among us have a solid session of misdirection in play getting us to look every except Earth for ET.