Is E.T. dead? Scientists listen for a pulse

SETI recently discussed the lack of Extraterrestrial Intelligence discovery in this latest article.


The first thing we have learned to do is step back from the article and evaluate it not the content in the article. Then we look for repeating patterns with an understanding the possibility exists Hetlau.

Immediately we see the repeating pattern of SETI blaming their lack of discovery of anything over the last 50 years on anything and everything but themselves. Now its ET's fault they cannot find any signals because ET is dead. 

Rather than wasting any time going down that worthless road, you can immediately see for people who don't know about Hetlau this just seems like another logical conclusion and without any other information to go on they will just sit back and wait for the next article. They may even decide to send SETI some more funding to help in the search, oy vey.

Once you know Hetlau you can see how ridiculous the statement that ET is dead is. It's obvious just more subliminal dissemination being projected onto unaware EA. You have to remember even if SETI found a radio signal it still has to come around full circle to disclosing Hetlau so there is no need to waste any time listening to their nonsense.

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