We asked astronauts if they think aliens exist. Here's what they said

Before you even read the (article) if you know Hetlau you can already tell what it's going to say. Are you going to get drawn in or step back and evaluate what might really be going on?


There are stories that appear on a regular basis about astronauts sharing stories or beliefs that aliens exist. It's all subliminal dissemination though. If any stories were confirmed you would already know about it.

What you see is this repeating pattern of information slowly being pushed out into the public forum yet nothing of any substance that allows the civilian population to realize what is really going on occurs, this should get you stop and think about why it is happening.  If you stop to think about it astronauts are not far from military pilots, and many started their careers in the military, so it is not hard to imagine they too have been informed as to what is going on and are just issuing controlled statements to the public to further facilitate the ETA and ease of disclosure when it happens.

What is more telling of how society is passively controlled by psychological conditioning is the stories astronauts tell offer no comments of the possibility of Hetlau. Here you have people whose job it is to travel to other celestial bodies in spacecraft as humans and yet other beings doing the exact same thing in reverse traveling to Earth is a delusional disorder or schizophrenic break from reality. You can't even theorize it without the possibility of ruining your career. How much sense does that really make?

Then if you pay close attention to the Hetlau criteria and study astronauts in detail you see them doing things like making the hand gesture. Is it possible they are just another faction of society that is part of the problem, not the solution, as you would think they are striving to be?


You really have two choices. You can follow the narrative being distributed throughout society. Read the articles and find the stories interesting. Hope for the best and that something inline with what they are saying may happen someday.

The other option though less pleasant to envision is that society is being deceived by Hetlau. Rather than sit around and follow the narrative you can evaluate evidence each day that allows you to get disclosure before it is available publicly. The most difficult part other than overcoming your own disbelief that it could be possible or true is the psychological barriers put up by society. Being viewed as experiencing a delusional disorder and/or a schizophrenic break from reality is no fun. Neither is experiencing the loss of social communication with people because you realize maintaining the group mentality prevents you from seeing reality.

It seems difficult to believe that some astronauts making a hand gesture of the letter E for "ET" is enough evidence to float the possibility that Hetlau have been here the whole time mankind has been on Earth, are at war with us, and are enslaving us. Then again if they are doing this they certainly are not going to come out and broadcast it and this could be a valid signal it is happening sitting right in front of us each day. Combine that with the concepts of misdirection and subliminal dissemination and the possibility for a more accurate narrative is easily present.


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