Is Humanity Unusual In The Cosmos?

A new (article) was published asking is Humanity is unusual in the Cosmos?


Once you are aware of the Triad of Being Had there is no need to read the article. All it does is basically rehash the search for biological building blocks on exoplanets. It uses terms like bio-signatures and exo-civilizations trying to expand the search criteria.

It then builds slightly on the concept of searching for ETI using light wavelengths or techno-signatures which at first appears innovative to the novice EA researcher. 

The key is once you know the Triad of Being Had you know no matter what they find out there in outerspace it all is going to lead back to realizing:

  1. Hetlau the whole time mankind has been on Earth
  2. HET are at war with EA via EPMS
  3. ESH are eslaving the EA via EMSR
  4. Xbeings are implementing a ETA to control disclosure

Combine those four concepts with a lack of understanding of:

  1. Polymorphism is the key to ET's secret control of EA
  2. Vectating is the key to ETS maneuvering

You have a continuous cycle of repeating patterns where the EA are accomplishing absolutely nothing except helping Xbeings build the ETA on Earth.

The only thing the EA can do to raise their awareness level is read the content on in order to get disclosure in advance. That and signing and getting others to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition are the only way to break the cycle of control over them.

Make sure to take the time to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition

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Make sure to take the time to sign it before you move on and start reading articles. Signing the petition is the only way to force the disclosure of ET & UFO information. The civilian population of EA (Earthlings) need to show the Governments and Militaries of the world they know what is going on and this petition is the only one the correctly implies that is happening.

Also, let others know about it and ask them to sign it as well. Word of mouth is the best method to motivate others to sign it.

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