Space aliens could have died out long ago, scientist says

A new (article) by Seth Shostak reviews a research paper published by Claudio Grimaldi making the argument ET may be dead.


This seems to be the current theme SETI experts are floating as we just saw a recent article from SETI discussing the same concept just a month ago (here). When you have been searching for something for half a century and haven't found anything and you're not going to try new methods you need some elaborate story to keep the followers captivated.

One problem is that the papers being published (here) by these experts on SETI are so complex they are difficult to even understand. They need mathematical formulas to back up their theories as if making a basic statement is demeaning to their profession.

The key to seeing what is going on is that no one is looking at it from a militaristic point of view that does not require complex concepts. All you have to do is conceptualize a worst case scenario and it is blatantly obvious this is what is going on. Then you simply run into the problem that no one wants to even think about concepts like this because they are so depressing and they simply ignore them as if that is going to stop it from happening. 

Add to that the ability of the Hetlau to create the paradigm in society where anyone who conceptualizes Hetlau is instantly deemed to be suffering from a delusional disorder and/or a schizophrenic break from reality and no one is going to catch on to what they are doing. They have literally created a society where the civilian population would rather help them accomplish their goal of completing the ETA rather than figure out what is really going on.

The civilian population sits mired in deception within the Triad of Being Had while all the experts pose complex theories that only they can evaluate publicly. Then the military, where this problem really resides, remains secretly controlled by the Hextary and has the civilians running around claiming ETS that vectate are UFOs.

Since the civilian population does not like change they are comfortable with the terminology ET & UFO and making no progress since Roswell is not a concern. Rehashing old sightings and absorbing the latest nonsense being distributed as misdirection or subliminal dissemination is enough to fill the time they have to deal with this stuff every day anyway.

For the few who actually want to see what is really going on, they have already figured out all you have to do is read

  1. The Two Way Mirror Theory
  2. The Estimation Theory
  3. The Prove It Theory

Then combined with a thorough understanding of Flying and realizing ETS are vectating and the term UFO is inapplicable they are already realizing the scam being pulled on the civilian population. All you need to do is change ET & UFO and start using HET and ETS (CTV & Volute).

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