Life On Earth - The Extraterrestrial Experiment

A recent (article) titled Life On Earth - The Extraterrestrial Experiment actually pushes the envelope beyond the Triad of Being Had.


The author exhibits more imagination than most thinking ET placed mankind on Earth as an experiment. What even he doesn't realize, or maybe he does and is just writing from the subliminal dissemination perspective, is that Xbeings put us here in order to defeat us at war and enslave us. 

He also suggests that Earth was carefully selected. Possibly he doesn't understand ESH build star systems and grow celestial bodies with a process called Celestial Astronomy, the way EA build housing developments. The process is very similar just on a larger scale.

All you have to do is think militaristic worst case scenario and the ET come right into view. As soon as you ease up and try to apply a little HNFS you fall short of an accurate understanding and fail to realize what is really going on. At least it made for a good article to read instead of the usual biological building blocks on exoplanets.

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