NASA's Penelope Boston on her hunt for extraterrestrial life

An (article) was just published about NASA's Penelope Boston on her hunt for extraterrestrial life.

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It's an interesting article if you like reading about that stuff. When you're trying to actually solve the problem and get disclosure you could throw it in either of two trash cans, though. First, the Triad of Being Had as a waste of time looking for biological building blocks on exoplanets. Second, at least, the author's failure to recognize or more significantly if true, failure to admit, she actually works for Hexnasa. Either way, you won't discover anything of value in the article. 

It sounds harsh. How can you be so flippant about someone's career life work that is seemingly so important? It's easy. Once you realize Xbeings are at war with EA and they are using polymorphing HET and organizations like Hexnasa to perform subliminal dissemination and misdirection you realize you don't have time to sort through the minutiae like this. Look at how the Ufologists are accomplishing nothing because they try to document every UFO sighting since Roswell. All you need is Roswell and the F-18 intercept and you've got enough evidence to present if the courtroom wasn't made up of HET.

As you can see it's the same thing every day The EA have no idea what is going on and nobody is putting out any articles that explain it except The problem then is that believing the answer is so unpleasant it makes you want to run back to the trash can and pull her article out and keep reading it just so you don't have to think of how bad the future is really going to be when disclosure happens.

You have to teach yourself to quickly assess when the article is not going to address the HET & ETS phenomenon it is either subliminal dissemination and/or misdirection and you need to move on. This is a very sophisticated trick being played on the EA and you need to elevate your awareness level above it.

You need to train your mind how to recognize what is being presented to you and how to get the key items and discard the rest. It is sort of like information triage. You can only save small amounts so you might as well save the ones that are worth saving. Those will be the ones dealing with HET & ETS and you will quickly learn the only place making that available is

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