Why We Might Miss Extraterrestrial Life Even If It's Staring Us in the Face


A new (article) was published describing how EA might miss images of ET life even if it was right in front of them. They basically wasted everyone's time by placing a little image of a waving gorilla in a picture and showing how no one noticed it.

They did point out correctly how preconceived notions affect a person's biases and thus their ability to perceive reality.  Rather than waste everyones time with the silly gorilla image what they should have done was have everyone read The Two Way Mirror Theory and Estimation Theory

Doing that would have removed their preconceived biases and allowed them to see what is really going on on Earth rather than succumbing to the Triad of Being Had and focusing on what is going on in outer space.

It is just another day on Earth and the same repeating patterns of EA having no idea what is going on and the closest they are going to get to it is the subliminal dissemination occurring in these Extra Terrestrial themed articles.

ETUFODISCLOSURE.COM breaks these articles down and shows you what is really going on on a daily basis. It is the only site on the internet providing actual disclosure before it happens.

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