Nathalie Cabrol Searches the Earth for the Secrets of Life on Mars

An (article) was just published on how Nathalie Cabrol was searching Earth for life on Mars.


As usual, the first thing you want to do is not rush off and read the article. You certainly wouldn't want to waste as much time as Nathalie. Apparently, she has not read the Two Way Mirror Theory or Estimation Theory and is going to find extraterrestrial life the hard way.

What is more interesting though is when you read her name translated into Alien using wormation:

NATHALIE = NAT H ALIE (porpheme)

NAT = NATURAL  (porpheme)
H = HUMANOID (ecronym)
ALIE = ALIEN (addition)


CABROL = C AB ROL (porpheme)

C = SEE (homophone)
A = 1 (alphanumeric)
B = 2 (alphanumeric)
AB = 12 (alphanumeric)
12 = L (alphanumeric)
L = extraterrestriaL (ecronym)
ROL = ROLE (addition)



This doesn't mean she is a natural humanoid alien with an extraterrestrial role on Earth it is just precognition.  Were it true her work would be a great example of a misdirection and subliminal dissemination.

The key is to not get fooled by the Triad of Being Had. There is no need to waste time listening to the myriad of methods all these scientists are using to try and find ET Life. What you should be wondering is why won't they even look at the possibility of Hetlau. Are they Hetlau themselves, complicit EA, or are they EA who are so controlled by the societal need to fit in that they won't even look at a possibility when they know they will be ridiculed as having suffered a delusional disorder and/or schizophrenic break from reality.

Most EA would love to sit here and ponder the possibilities of what she is doing as being on the cutting edge of finding ET Life. Instead, you are better of leaving it on the floor as edited clips that didn't make the final cut once you realize the focus needs to be 100% on Hetlau and those focused elsewhere are taking you in the wrong direction.

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