No Way Out? Aliens on 'Super-Earth' Planets May Be Trapped by Gravity

An (article) was just published describing how Aliens could be trapped on a Super Earth.


This article is a great example of subliminal dissemination. Playing right into the Triad of Being Had the article focuses on alien life on an exoplanet. As soon as you hear exoplanet you know its the Triad of Being Had because anything found out there has to eventually lead back to Hetlau here.

Then the article goes on to give a great example of thinking in EAI instead of ETI. They try to theorize how ET would use EA rocket technologies and with those would be unable to leave the gravitational forces of those exoplanet super-earths. It is almost amazing to wonder how they have the imagination to come up with these theories yet can't come up with a theory where the ET civilizations are manipulating gravitational force fields like all the UFOs (ETS, CTV & Volute) transiting our Earth systems each day.

Unfortunately, the possibility exists they writers actually know this and are just writing the articles from the subliminal dissemination point of view.  

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