Clouds of Venus Could Host Extraterrestrial Life Forms

A newly release (article) discusses the possibility of life on Venus could be hosted by its clouds.


The reason this is worth looking at is that it is a great example of subliminal dissemination. Rather than diving into the article and going nowhere. All you have to do is step back and look at what they are doing. Do you notice how we like to focus on finding Extraterrestrial life in its building blocks and then search for planets in the habitable zone? Essentially recreating what we believe is our own evolutionary steps and then seeing if they repeat themselves elsewhere?

Here we are doing the exact same thing that says is key to finding Extra Terrestrials, look for repeating patterns that reveal the preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration. 

The difference is does not focus on going backwards and looking for biological evidence on exoplanets, instead the focus is forward to a more advanced being, Hetlau, that are at war against us and enslaving us right here on Earth.

Basically, the EA mind does not think that far ahead and in such a worst-case scenario. Thus preventing themselves from looking at all possibilities and ultimately being able to see what is really going on. It is that simple.  

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