Congress Wants to Spend $10 Million to Search for Aliens and Texas Is to Thank


An (article) was just published explaining how Congress wants to restart the SETI. As usual, reading this article is another waste of time as well. The only thing to really take note from it is how Congress stopped the SETI 25 years ago and now they want to resume it. The private sector has been maintaining the SETI throughout this time period but now the Government wants back in.

Once you know Hetlau you can just sit back and watch the misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination as the EA are unable to realize what is going on. There literally is not a person in the public sector who can offer any assistance and to make matters worse all the ET & UFO enthusiasts are even in favor of this because they are blinded by the Triad of Being Had and think the SETI is the only way to find the answer.

Once you know Hetlau and follow you will know there are only two possible outcomes:

  1. The Hetlau build out the ETA and initiate the next phase of water with disclosure
  2. The Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition reaches enough signatures to force premature disclosure offsetting the ETA and the next phase for water.

As it stands now the odds are heavily favoring the Hetlau for three main reasons

  1. the vast majority of EA have absolutely no idea what is going on
  2. when told of the Hetlau most EA will reject it as nonsense
  3. EA lack the ability to function as a united group ensuring their defeat

If you want to see real change promote the petition. Either way, you can at least sit back and watch what transpires with an actual understanding of what is happening.