Stonehenge secret revealed?


A new (article) is out suggesting the secret to Stonehenge has been revealed?

As usual, reading the article is just more misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination. All you need to do is read the word Stonehenge using wormation and the real purpose for it is revealed. It also provides evidence through precognition that Hetlau have been here the whole time mankind has been on Earth.


S = SYNCHRONIZE (ecronym)
T = TIME (ecronym)
E = EARTH (ecronym)
H = HUMANOID (ecronym)
E = EXTRATERRESTRIAL (actually ET Extra Terrestrial) (ecronym)
NG = MEASURING (porpheme)
E = CIRCLE (ecronym)

STONEHENGE = Synchronize Time ON Earth Humanoid Extraterrestrial measuriNG circlE

As usual though, the EA will just sit back and ignore reality from and listen to the daily nonsense and focus on the hope the Triad of Being Had will provide the answers.

The desire to know the truth requires change. Change requires work and no one likes that so you can rest assured the odds of the EA forcing premature disclosure prior to the planned ETA disclosure are slim.