Discovery of “interstellar rock” near Jupiter prompts calls to probe it for life signs


A new interstellar rock has been discovered (article).

Prior to the rock being discovered scientists will not search Earth to see if Hetlau.

When the rock is discovered scientists immediately succumb to the Triad of Being Had by trying to see if the rock harbors biological building blocks of life. All attempts to get the scientists to search Earth for Hetlau are ignored. All attempts to get the investigative journalists writing articles about the search are ignored.

The truth that Hetlau is viewed as Hexsion.

Once all attempts to find life on the rock fail scientists will try to find something else to search that will maintain its search criteria within the Triad of Being Had.

The only way to to get the realization of Hetlau is to sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition. Without a grassroots effort to raise the level of societal awareness the apparently most educated people on the planet will prevent the masses from getting the truth revealed.