Flying is the repetitive process of enabling the ability to fly. An understanding of flying is critical to an understanding of ETS since they do not fly, they vectate. In order to get UFO disclosure you have correctly disclose what exactly it is that you are informing or being informed about. Understanding exactly

  1. what flying is
  2. which objects are flying (which objects are not flying)
  3. where you can fly (where you cannot fly)

is critical to the understanding and thus disclosure of ETS.

Flying as defined by is the repetitive process of maintaining forward levitation using energy by accelerating a winged planform through an atmospheric medium in compliance with Bernoulli's principle which generates lift allowing for levitation. The vehicle must also have a forward velocity vector or inertia.

Transitioning through ground effect is not flying.
Hovering is not flying, hovering is hovering.
Gliding is not flying, gliding is gliding.


Planes fly using wings in Earths atmosphere
Jets fly using wings in Earths atmosphere
Helicopters fly, their rotors are wings in motion, in Earths atmosphere
Harriers are not flying when hovering, they are using thrust vectoring
Rockets do not fly, they are rocketing
Balloons do not fly, they are ballooning
The Space Shuttle does not fly, it is rocketed, thrust vectors in space outside Earths atmosphere, glides (gliding is not flying it is gliding) home, transitions through ground effect, lands. At no time during it's mission is it actually flying
You can not fly outside of the Earths atmosphere so it is not possible for an ETS to fly to Earth. It is not possible for a vehicle to be flying once it leaves Earths atmosphere so it is not possible to fly to another planet.

The problem is very simple. Just like the term UFO has become synonymous with ETS no one has ever taken the time to do a critical analysis of whether ETS are flying or not so the terms are being used incorrectly. Similarly over time the concept of anything in the Earths atmosphere is simply presumed to be flying because there was never a need to be so technical about what flying is.

So for example if you took a rock and through it in the air you could make the statement the rock is flying through the air and for most intents and purpose you would be correct. The problem is when trying to get disclosure for ETS you have to be more technically accurate with certain terminology, and more certainly with the terminology flying. Technically the rock is not flying through the air, you might say it is hurling or use some other term but the key is it is not flying.

The point to all this is that ETS are not flying through the Earths atmosphere they are vectating and thus the term flying and logically you can then infer the term UFO when defined as Unidentified Flying Object is inapplicable.