Fox Five is an intellectual weapon. It is a nickname for what might be described as the Miramar CTV Protocol.

Modeled after the Fox Three weapons system that was introduced on the F-14 the Fox Five intellectual weapon solves the problems inherent in the Fox Four. You can now target ETS accurately with terminology and concepts that allow for long range Intercepts (sightings) via social media rather than needing to travel to be in close proximity with conventions and press briefings.

Note the term Miramar when translated in Alien says Mira as in the verb Mirar which is "Too See".
Mar is a porpheme for Martian. Thus once you understand that EA military pilots are not capable of defending Earth against ETS you will realize why you are encountering step four of the Fox Four system. Along with a thorough understanding of flying, tracing the evolution of fighter combat to the delineation of fourth generation and fifth generation fighters will allow you to see what is really going on. 

Most EA would claim you need to continue on and remain focused on stealth technology. The key is the F-14 with its

  1. advanced wing
  2. phoenix missile system
  3. necessity to fly as the lead aircraft with other forth generation fighters (due to its awg 9 radar)
  4. rio naming convention reveals the Intercept pilot in a Tactical Vee formation

provides enough data to target ETS for disclosure. Continuing on with Stealth only reveals that STEALTH is a porpheme for STEAL wealTH. In addition in order to properly Intercept ETS in the Earths atmosphere you have to be able to maintain a Tactical Vee formation premerge and operating in Stealth mode is viewed as a hostile act.

The bottom line is the Fox Five has actual teeth that can accomplish something. The trick to using it is learning its pros and cons. The pros are you are going to have terminology and concepts that explain to you what is going on. The cons are you won't believe it. The pros are you are at the cutting edge of what is happening receiving disclosure before the general public or before hand. The cons are with out a complete understanding of all the terminology and concepts combined with practice communicating with a variety of people in an extensive number of settings you will be ridiculed as having suffered a delusional disorder and/or schizophrenic break from reality. Depending on how far you push the topic and in what setting this is occurring you may suffer results ranging from disassociation by peers, termination from employers, and/or even physical incarceration.

The best way to approach it is to be aware of the information and direct people to the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition. Then monitor the number of signatures on the petition as gauge of the level of preparedness for EA to accept disclosure. Remember there are over 7 billion people on Earth. Having even a million signatures is still less than even the number of HET estimated to be on Earth in the Estimation Theory. In addition you have an organization in etufodisclosure that understands how to properly navigate an ETS intercept premerge due to their complete understanding of how Intercepts have to be flown premerge in a Tactical Vee formation without operating in Stealth mode which is viewed as hostile by ETS.

The problem is that EA think disclosure is simple and if the President would just get up and give a 30 second press conference the problem would be solved. The problem is disclosure is a global problem that has some extremely serious intertwined concepts that need to be negotiated carefully. The single biggest problem is the EA don't realize they have been deceived and are at war with themselves. In addition they don't realize that HET live among them and are at war with them.

So from an Xbeing point of view disclosure could be described as the President walking up to a dining room table set with the finest quality tableware of china. Then in one instant he is going to quickly pull the tablecloth of fine linen out from under it and everything will remain in place structurally without any damage. I am sure you have seen people try to perform this feat in similar circumstances of varying degree throughout your lifetime before.

The problem is from an EA point of view it is going to be the equivalent of a doctor coming in and ripping a band aid off a 3rd degree burn and telling you there is simply no other way to do that this is the least painful way, or not to worry this is not going to hurt too much. This is even a gross misunderstatement, for the EA it is going to be a rude awakening and the ones who navigate it successfully will be the ones who educate themselves as to what is really going on and embrace the change not fight it. EA have been fighting it the whole time they have been on Earth and they have been losing the the whole time with out even being aware of it.

You are better off projecting what the future holds in store and trying to find a role in it and becoming an agent of change than trying to become an agent of resistance and fighting it. If you were going to be successful at being an agent of resisting you would have already figured out what was going on, studied the situation, and developed a plan. The fact that you are caught completely by surprise as to what is going on should be enough to alert you that you are not able to accurately ascertain what is going on and make competent calculations based on Extra Terrestrial information you don't understand that will affect your future.

The Fox Five system allows you to see why EA are not accomplishing anything every time there is a UFO sighting. They immediately follow the Fox Four routine without even being aware they are following a routine.

To see the mistake they are making you have to understand a UFO sighting is really an ETS Intercept. The proper steps are:

  1. identify themselves as EA or HET
  2. question whether the objects are actually flying or not (ie vectating)
  3. ask the military spokespeople to identify themselves as EA or HET
  4. ask the military if they have air supremacy over the location (ie Earth) from ETS
  5. ask the military if they know how to premerge ETS (CTVs & Volutes) with Tactical Vees

the reason why you have to do this is because the system is rigged against the civilians.
All the civilians need to do is take control of the narrative and demonstrate an understanding that:

  1. Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (Hetlau)
  2. HET are at war with us EPMS
  3. HET are enslaving us EMSR
  4. ETS don't fly they vectate so the term UFO is inapplicable
  5. It is the military's responsibility to maintain air supremacy and confirm it with actions

This could be likened to the EA realizing that having that band aid pulled off that third degree burn is going to hurt like hell. Since the doctors will not provide anything to numb the pain you can at least prepare yourself psycholigcally for how to deal with it to try to at least reduce the pain by acquiring enhanced predisclosure from and then monitoring the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition to distract your mind from the pain as well realize at least some organization has finally figured out what is really going on and is actually doing something about it.