Fox Four is an intellectual weapon. It is a nickname for what might be described as the Roswell UFO protocol. Using Roswell as the most recognized UFO incident on Earth, then combining it with the acronym coined by Edward ruppelT "UFO", and encapsulating them into a protocol the EA have been using as an attempt at disclosure you can more quickly see what is going on and why they have not been able to get disclosure.

The problem with the Fox Four is it was intentionally designed to fail. It could be equated to giving someone a gun that has blanks. Since EA don't realize that ETS vectate instead of flying they don't realize the term UFO is inapplicable. Providing them with the term UFO as a means of attempting to identify an ETS insures they will never be able to actually identify one. Again it is like giving someone a gun with blanks knowing they will never hit their target.

Fox Four comes from two terms. Fox is the term military pilots use to designate their weapons systems ie. Fox One, Fox Two, Fox Three. Fox Four uses an enagram for FOUR as UFOR. UFOR is UFO Recognition since that is what people are trying to do with the term UFO, recognize they are ETS.

You could then say people have been trying to use Fox Four aka the Roswell UFO protocol for almost 75 years now with no success. Essentially they have been cyclically:

  1. sighting an object in the sky
  2. attempting to identify the object as a UFO (believing it is an ETS)
  3. asking the military for assistance, corroboration, and/or mutual support
  4. being denied by the military for assistance, corroboration, and/or mutual support

The last 75 years since Roswell essentially has yielded absolutely nothing but a complete waste of time and energy as was exactly what was intended when the term UFO was introduced.
ROSWELL = Ruppelt knows ufOS WELL

The key to achieving success and thus disclosure of ETS is to upgrade the intellectual weapons system to the new Fox Five or Miramar CTV Protocol. Modeled after the Fox Three weapons system that was introduced on the F-14 the Fox Five intellectual weapon solves the problems inherent in the Fox Four. You can now target ETS accurately with terminology and concepts that allow for long range Intercepts (sightings) via social media rather than needing to travel to be in close proximity with conventions and press briefings.

Note the term Miramar when translated in Alien says Mira as in the verb Mirar which is "Too See".
Mar is a porpheme for Martian. Thus once you understand that EA military pilots are not capable of defending Earth against ETS you will realize why you are encountering step four of the Fox Four system. Along with a thorough understanding of flying, tracing the evolution of fighter combat to the delineation of fourth generation and fifth generation fighters will allow you to see what is really  going on. 

Most EA would claim you need to continue on and remain focused on stealth technology. The key is the F-14 with its

  1. advanced wing
  2. phoenix missile system
  3. necessity to fly as the lead aircraft with other forth generation fighters (due to its awg 9 radar)
  4. rio naming convention reveals the Intercept pilot in a Tactical Vee formation

provides enough data to target ETS for disclosure. Continuing on with Stealth only reveals that STEALTH is a porpheme for STEAL wealTH. In addition in order to properly Intercept ETS in the Earths atmosphere you have to be able to maintain a Tactical Vee formation premerge and operating in Stealth mode is viewed as a hostile act.