HET or Humanoid ET doesn’t have to be a complicated phenomenon like the ET or Extra Terrestrial phenomenon. Since 1947 when the Ufology community began to study UFOs or Unidentified Flying Objects one area that has lagged behind is ETology or the study of ET beings.
HETology or the study of HET simplifies the process of trying to understand and identify ET and more specifically HET.
What UEA (Uninformed EArthlings) immediately do when they hear about the concept of a HET is demand to know who one is. When that can not be confirmed they just write it off as another conspiracy theory or nonsense and don’t research any further to see if it might be true. The key to seeing HETLAU is to first focus on seeing them as a group and the actions and activity they involve themselves in as a group on EArth. Combining that with studying the S&T (Strategies & Tactics) / T&C (Terminology & Concepts) surrounding their presence on EArth prepares your mind to comprehend their presence among us and thus see them for who they are.
Note in the image below if a HET was to reside among us on EArth they would not be distinguishable from an EA, thus the secret to their power on EArth.