Was Isaac Newton a HET?

It's interesting to evaluate the lives of certain individuals who achieve levels of success on Earth and see if they fit a pattern for matching criteria that may demonstrate they were HET. This is only an observation and/or speculation. There obviously is no way to confirm it. This is a key reason you should focus on EA Group Mode before spending time trying to evaluate individuals as possible HET. Over time when you are aware there are a vast number of Hetlau you see consistent themes running through certain individuals lives that make you wonder.


The criteria you are looking for is extensive and can be different with each individual and the circumstances that surround their life as well as the timeframe from which they lived.

One test is can you say the persons name and will most people know who the person is. The reason this is a criteria for a person who might be a HET is that HET control Earth by controlling society and they cannot have public figures walking around aimlessly voicing their opinion. Though they want it to appear that way the one subject matter that must be reigned in is Extraterrestrial. As HET become public figures they know to keep their comments within certain boundaries on the subject matter of Extraterrestrials. EA that rise to power have to be informed of this and told to maintain these boundaries, such that they become complicit in what is going on.

Another reason public figures are a criteria for a HET is that HET are privy to a vast sum of knowledge about how life on Earth works.  Many existed before Earth existed and are taking part in the plan or ETA that is being constructed on Earth. They have morphed and/or polymorphed themselves down here. This vast sum of knowledge, taking part in the plan, and societal connections enable them to achieve success on Earth much easier than EA can.

You can look for images of them to see if they are making the hand gesture. Are they appearing in photographs with other individuals they clearly know well that are making the hand gesture as well? Trying to ascertain whether someone might be a HET is sort of like being a detective or private eye, you are constantly looking for clues because no one is going to admit it or help you figure it out.

Isaac Newton fits this profile. If you look at his name using wormation:
So as a person who possibly lived before Earth existed and then morphed or polymorphed himself here on Earth he would have had access to information about how the laws of physics work that EA are not privy to or able to figure out until it is revealed to them, especially in the 1600's. Also if he was taking part in the plan to implement an ETA on Earth it would have been necessary to reveal certain laws of physics at a certain point in history in order to get Earth to develop the way they want.

Lastly, they want to leave clues around events to show to the EA after disclosure they have been here the whole time. So Newton's name translated as NOT NEW shows the laws of physics were not new to him and would fit the hypothesis of the clues showing the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence. Then add to that that he appears to be making the hand gesture in pictures of him.

Isaac_Newton_clean_450x555_Image_00 (4).jpg

This still doesn't mean he is HET but it is interesting to point it out and it provides more clues which reveal those repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence since there is lack of corroboration.

The key though is that when you start to review history with a perspective of Hetlau and you are looking for repeating patterns you are going to start to see a lot of them when you evaluate key individuals in history. In other words, these key individuals usually play a role in changing the way the planet and society work and this would be consistent with an ETA being constructed.