Was Curtis LeMay a HET?

It's interesting to evaluate the lives of certain individuals who achieve levels of success on Earth and see if they fit a pattern for matching criteria that may demonstrate they were HET. This is only an observation and/or speculation. There obviously is no way to confirm it. This is a key reason you should focus on EA Group Mode before spending time trying to evaluate individuals as possible HET. Over time when you are aware there are a vast number of Hetlau you see consistent themes running through certain individuals lives that make you wonder.


Curtis LeMay is a well known figure though the primary area of his career we're focused on is his role as Air Force chief of staff from 1961-1965. People in the modern generation may not have heard of him if they don't study military history. He does not necessarily fit into the concept of two people being able to say his name and they both will know who he is as a well know public figure though.

As the Air Force chief of staff in the 60's he certainly would have known about UFOs since it was 20 years after Roswell. He is quoted on wikiquotes as have having been asked about them by Barry Goldwater:

I used to receive a hundred calls a year from people who wanted me to get into the Green Room at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, because that’s where the Air Force stored all the material gathered on UFOs. I once asked Curtis LeMay if I could get in that room, and he just gave me holy hell. He said, ‘Not only can’t you get into it but don’t you ever mention it to me again.’
— https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Curtis_LeMay

In addition, there are stories about him having made the following comments about UFOs

"The best information in my opinion on them is to be found in a book written by an Englishman explaining numerous such mysteries. He says that the first flying saucers were seen in Egypt about the year 3,000 B. C."

though they aren't atributed by any specific sources documented by wikiquotes.

You will notice back to his comments with Barry Goldwater that the mainstay of UFO research was being done at Wright Patterson field. We have seen from the article on the Wright brothers that "Wright" stands for ET Flight.

In addition, the word Patterson says

Patterns O or Obvious Patterns.

So the combination of the UFO research and Wright Patterson field is another example of the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration. It even says right in the name of the base where UFO research is occurring that it is Obvious repeating patterns that are revealing evidence of ET Flight in the absence of corroboration. Unfortunately it is just that, repeating patterns not proof. Until disclosure though that is all you are going to get and that is what you have to work with like a detective.

Understanding subliminal dissemination allows you to see him speaking about it to get people to think about it but not actually letting anyone realize what is really going on. As Air Force chief of staff within an actual Hextocracy that would have been his role. Keeping the UFO phenomenon under wraps would have been the number one goal.

What we do see though is he appears to be making the hand gesture in his Air Force photo:


When we look at his name using wormation:

Le = ExtraterrestriaL (bracketing)
Ma = I am (reversal)
y = Yes (ecronym)

So LeMay says Yes I am Extraterrestrial

The point to keep in mind is that just because he appears to have 3 areas of key evidence:

  1. appearing to be performing subliminal dissemination as Air Force chief of staff
  2. appearing to be making the hand gesture
  3. appears his name says "Yes I am Extraterrestrial" 

none of this actually means anything for sure. What it does mean though and is key to seeing what is going on it is another example of the repeating patterns that reveal a preponderance of evidence in the absence of corroboration.

To most people, these repeating patterns don't seem like much, especially not enough to claim disclosure of ET and UFOs. Once you keep watching it occurring every day for years and develop an eye for it you will know it's going on even though others who won't spend the time trying to understand it can't see it.