Was Kelly Johnson a HET?

It's interesting to evaluate the lives of certain individuals who achieve levels of success on Earth and see if they fit a pattern for matching criteria that may demonstrate they were HET. This is only an observation and/or speculation. There obviously is no way to confirm it. This is a key reason you should focus on EA Group Mode before spending time trying to evaluate individuals as possible HET. Over time, when you are aware there are a vast number of Hetlau, you see consistent themes running through certain individuals lives that make you wonder.

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When you look at criteria for someone who might be a HET the first thing is can two people who have never met the person say their name and they both know who it is. In other words, has the person achieved a level of notoriety the makes them publicly recognizable? This is important because HET would know how to control their comments publicly and complicit EA becoming famous on Earth would have to be advised secretly what to do and not do. This is how the public discussion of HET never rises up. 

The next thing to look at is how did the person affect society. Did the actions they employed while they were on Earth meet the criteria for misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination. At first glance, Kelly Johnson does not immediately appear to start to meet the criteria. Although he is famous he is not a well known public figure except in aviation and military circles. That is where things change though. 

Johnson won his first prize for an aircraft design at 13. Most people would automatically just attribute it to "he's a natural". That's fine except once you realize there are Hetlau and they would have access to technology and scripted lives that would defy EA capabilities, individuals who exhibit those trends become candidates for HET assessment.

The list of accomplishments in the aviation industry both civilian and military is difficult to match. The two most important things to highlight about his career though are:

  1. The CIA had him develop Groom Lake which later became Area 51
  2. He developed the SR-71 Blackbird


The reason these two EvenTs are so important is that you could start with the Wright Brothers aka The ET Flight Brothers, make a connection to Area 51 and the SR-71, and draw a logical conclusion to ETS. Essentially, all the other events in aviation are just a waste of time to evaluate when you realize what is really going on. 

The reason is the Wright Brothers needed to put the process of Flying on the planet but it was Kelly Johnson that needed to focus the direction of aviation to possess the capability of building ETS. In order to do that he needed to design an aircraft and support facility that would take the aviation industry in that direction. No EA would be capable of having the foresight to put all those pieces of the puzzle together.

The SR-71 was built at during a time when computer technology was so primitive that the whole thing had to be designed by hand using slide rules. Its ability to fly higher and faster than anything even close to it, along with all of its revolutionary concepts and the ability to withstand the heat at Mach 3+ have people in awe of it saying how it was "way ahead of its time" for that era. They have even had modern computers analyze it and not offer any design changes.

What EA don't realize is what appears as a stroke of genius could have been a just another boring project management implementation of a system designed in advance of Earth's existence and designed on more advanced computers than EA have ever even seen. Since EA don't know these possibilities exist or believe these possibilities exist they just attribute everything to natural phenomena. Once you know they exist suddenly the amazing seem mundane.

Even today the SR-71 still holds all the records for highest / fastest flying aircraft publically disclosed. Where the EA will get even more misdirection and subliminal dissemination is when the government releases stories about new aircraft/spacecraft that can exceed the SR-71 causing them to think its all part of a logical progression. What they don't realize and/or need to take into consideration is AIS have been transiting back and forth to Earth the whole time mankind has been on it. Any announcement of an aircraft / spacecraft short of an AIS / ETS is just misdirection and subliminal dissemination.

Next when you read his name using wormation:


RE = REDESIGN (porpheme)


KELLY = KEYLL (enagram)
KELLY = KEY LL (porpheme)
L = 12 (alphanumeric)
12 + 12 = 24
24 = X (alphanumeric)
X = eXtraterrestrial / Xbeing (ecronym)


JOHNSON = JOHN S ON (porpheme)
JOHN = JOIN (proximity)
S = 19 (alphanumeric)
ON = ONE (addition)
ONE = 1
19 + 1 = 20
20 = T (alphanumeric)
T = SPACECRAFT (ecronym)



The possibility that he would not need to actually design the SR-71 on Earth or in this case it would be redesigning it since it would already exist on other planetary systems and/or could have easily been designed on other planetary systems computer systems is present in his first name. Then his nickname and last name support his role in misdirecting the public into thinking US is developing a state of the art top secret spy plane when in fact all the resources and technology are just being aligned to fulfill the ETA of having an AIS base prior to disclosure.

The point to keep in mind is that just because he appears to have 4 areas of key evidence:

  1. Name is publicly recognizable
  2. Career work appears as misdirection
  3. appearing to be making the hand gesture
  4. appears his name says "Cancel Redesign Key Extraterrestrial Join Spacecraft"

none of this actually means anything for sure. What it does mean though and is key to seeing what is going on it is another example of precognition.

To most people, these repeating patterns don't seem like much, especially not enough to claim disclosure of ET & UFOs. Once you keep watching it occurring every day for years and develop an eye for it you will know it's going on even though others who won't spend the time trying to understand it can't see it.