Was Walt Disney a HET?

It's interesting to evaluate the lives of certain individuals who achieve levels of success on Earth and see if they fit a pattern for matching criteria that may demonstrate they were HET. This is only an observation and/or speculation. There obviously is no way to confirm it. This is a key reason you should focus on EA Group Mode before spending time trying to evaluate individuals as possible HET. Over time when you are aware there are a vast number of Hetlau you see consistent themes running through certain individuals lives that make you wonder.


When you look at criteria for someone who might be a HET the first thing is can two people who have never met the person say their name and they both know who it is. In other words, has the person achieved a level of notoriety the makes them publicly recognizable? This is important because HET would know how to control their comments publicly and complicit EA becoming famous on Earth would have to be advised secretly what to do and not do. This is how the public discussion of HET never rises up. 

The next thing to look at is how did the person affect society. Did the actions they employed while they were on Earth meet the criteria for misdirection and/or subliminal dissemination. Although his company Walt Disney surely made shows and movies about ET that could qualify for subliminal dissemination the body of Walt's work would fall under misdirection. All you have to do is look at the enormous impact he has had on society. Then imagine the hours spent that kept people focused away from the ET & UFO phenomenon as well as the vast amount of financial resources that were redirected to facilitate the industry he basically created.

So he certainly has the necessary qualities in those categories. Then when you read his name using wormation:

DISNEY Definitely IS oNE Yes

It his pretty easy to see how you can get Definitely Is One Yes using ecronyms and porphemes.

Lastly, you want to look at images of him and see if you see signs of the hand gesture.


The point to keep in mind is that just because he appears to have 4 areas of key evidence:

  1. Name is publicly recognizable
  2. Career work appears as misdirection
  3. appearing to be making the hand gesture
  4. appears his name says "Definitely is one yes"

none of this actually means anything for sure. What it does mean though and is key to seeing what is going on it is another example of precognition.

To most people, these repeating patterns don't seem like much, especially not enough to claim disclosure of ET & UFOs . Once you keep watching it occurring every day for years and develop an eye for it you will know it's going on even though others who won't spend the time trying to understand it can't see it.