The Pentagon finally admits it investigates UFOs

05/22/2019 NY Post Article (Link)

While the admission by the Pentagon the AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) studied UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon) is the newest admission that they may be investigating the EUP (ET UFO Phenomenon) the UEA (Uninformed EArthlings) still have a long way to go to get actual Disclosure.
The problem lies in the technical definitions of the words used as well as an understanding of the actual T&C (Terminology&Concepts) required to be used to explain what is actually going on. When the term UAP is used it is so vague by design it could be anything that occurs in the atmosphere. So the GSM (Gov/Mil) is not actually saying they are studying Alien Spacecraft as the article insinuates. Then again it doesn’t say they aren’t. It is this word game that is left up to the reader to question what is going on. That is the art of subnation (subliminal dissemination) at work. Get the UEA to talk about the EUP to make SETAD (Scheduled ETA Architecture Disclosure) go smoother but don’t give them enough info to understand what is really going on.
It all goes back to the term UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). What the UEA don’t understand is the HETLAU (Humanoid ET Live Among Us) control the military in the form of a Hextary (Humanoid Extra Terrestrial Military). Within that structure they have the USAF (US Air Force) get Edward ruppelT to insert the term UFO into society back in the early ‘50s in order to get subnation started. They did this full well knowing the ETVs (ET Vehicles) are not flying and the term UFO would never actually apply to them . This allowed them to create a humiliation psychosis that is attached to the use of the word UFO further reducing its effectiveness in resolving the EUP.
As SETAD approaches the GSM needs to begin to remove the humiliation psychosis and make it more palatable for the UEA to openly discuss the EUP thus further ensuring the success of SETAD. Thus the shift from UFO to UAP. Even though technically a ETV, even though it is not flying is actually a UAP while resident in the atmosphere, you can still see the work of the Hetlau in the actual use of the term UAP.
The problem occurs when you realize a ETV is going to originate from outer space and it is going to return to outer space once it leaves EArth. So it is only a UAP for a very short time in the overall length of time it is transiting star systems. In order to rectify this problem UAP needs to be correctly defined as
UAeP - Aerial Realm (atmosphere)
UAsP - Astrial Realm (outer space)
Thus a person who was aware of this and aware the term UAP is being used for subnation purposes by the Hetlau can demonstrate their awareness by using the correct T&C.
The GSM is obviously not going to do this because they do not want the UEA to understand completely what is going on. The UEA don’t understand that a more accurate accounting and use of the T&C would reveal to them what is going on. Thus the EUP inches closer to SETAD and only a small group of UEA who are aware of Hetlau are aware of what is actually going on.

FoxNews Tucker Carlson & Bart Larsen comment the Pentagon's UFO Program

05/06/2019 Latest Fox News story covering the EUP (ET UFO Phenomenon) (Video Interview)

05/06/2019 story on FOX News rehashing current state of the EUP (ET UFO Phenomenon).
Tucker asks why its not more mainstream yet they sit there & laugh at it. No one understands how to address it as a threat.

FOX - Fools Observing humanoid eXtra terrestrials

Fools in this case would be the UEA (Uninformed EArthlings) oblivious to whats going on. This would be an example of why you might want to inform yourself.

2019-05-06 - Bart Larsen comments the Pentagon's UFO Program

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Navy: No release of UFO information to the general public expected

WaPo (Washington Post) article 05/01/2019 by Paul Sonne (Article)

The Navy says it will not be releasing information from its newly installed reporting guidelines on what it wants the public to call UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) citing privileged and classified reporting that is typically included in such files.
Loosely translated what this means is the Navy wants to appear professional to the people in the public who have no idea whats going on and are willing to believe everything the Navy says.
For those who know whats going on and don't believe anything the Navy says you can be sure just as this article is published by the WaPo (Washington Post) the Navy is planning sightings to occur and then will start leaking them all over the place to continue the subnation (subliminal dissemination) to make SETAD (Scheduled ET Architecture Disclosure) go smoother all the while denying everything.
After watching this nonsense repeat everyday children paying attention could figure out what is going on. Its mind boggling to think the public is this lost on this matter.

All you need to know:
[short form]

HET live among us, CTVs vectate above us.

That statement alone is all you need to force disclosure if it was dialogued on a massive public scale

[long form]

HET live among us, CTVs vectate above us.

They are engaged at war with us to validate the enslavement of us.

It takes between 5 to 10 seconds depending on which form you want to use to explain what is going on. Notice how no one in the public eye is willing to even discuss those concepts yet they claim they are achieving disclosure. The only thing they are achieving is subnation. They only thing you are accomplishing is being subnated.

Until a UEA raises their IAL to become an IEA and self identifies themself as an EA and dialogues about HET Living Among Us (HETLAU) and CTVs vectating above us, nothing is changing except the date getting closer to SETAD.