Mesh mode is advanced level ETI. If you make it this far you have gone farther than most. From here on out it actually gets easier. Mesh mode could be equated to climbing Mount EveresT. Once you have climbed a mountain that high you know there will be other tall mountains to climb but you know you can do it and you know how to do it. So you are basically just performing the same process each day looking for repeating patterns to confirm you are on the right track.


For instance at this point if you see a term you don't recognize you should wonder is there an article about that term you haven't read yet? You should know there is an catalog index of all the articles by recent and categories to help you. Also there is a terminology page where you can refresh your mind as two what a porpheme, ecronym, or enagram means.

So to get started what is Mesh Mode? Mesh comes from the term ESH which means Extra Terrestrial / Humanoid Extra Terrestrial. So E stands for Extra Terrestrial, S stands for Slash (symbolism), and H stands for Humanoid Extra Terrestrial. Thus ESH enables you to have an easy way to describe the hybrid combination of ET and HET allowing for more complex thought concepts in structured discussions.

The M in Mesh comes from the term Merge. As in you are now about to merge or bring together all the concepts you have learned as well as all the new ones you are going to learn and utilize them together in a cohesive blended format to achieve the higher level ETI awareness needed in order to understand ET UFO Disclosure.



So the best way to understand how mesh mode works is to use the analogy of buying a car. Not just any car but a high performance seven speed dual clutch automatic transmission one. What you are going to start to realize is that people who only use the terminology ET & UFO are like people with training wheels on and they refuse to take them off.


To use the car analogy they just bought a car but immediately drove it into downtown rush hour traffic and they are stuck in stop and go traffic and can't get out of first gear. Everyone is bumper to bumper and honking and screaming at each other.

In mesh mode and the assistance of your state of the art onboard gps sat nav guidance system service courtesy of you see the red congestion and immediately head in the other direction for the freeway. Now you can accelerate and start shifting the gears and get away from the mess and start focusing on really getting somewhere.


The trick at this point is to understand how to engage and disengage in conversations with other people. Why? because most people are not going to understand what you are talking about and they are not going to want to talk about it. If you start and/or engage with people who are in this frame of mind it is a waste of time and energy and usually a very unpleasant experience to stay engaged in the conversation. You need to be able to recognize the warning signs and immediately disengage from the conversation and look for other individuals who share the same common interests.

So to use another driving analogy. Every time you talk to a person about the ET & UFO phenomenon think of it like taking an off-ramp on the freeway. People who are receptive, open minded, and proactive voices for disclosure are akin to an off-ramp with full services. Such as food, gas, lodging, entertainment, etc... People who are closed minded and are not even interested in the subject matter or won't elevate their awareness level beyond that of ET & UFO are akin to taking an off-ramp to an undeveloped area. There is no food, gas, lodging, entertainment etc... 

In fact there isn't even any cell service so now if you have problems you can't call AAA to come and get you out of there. You are stuck in an unpleasant conversation that is not going to go anywhere. The worst part is this isn't something you accidentally stumbled into that you can learn from and not make the mistake again, this is something someone actually warned you about to prevent you from finding yourself in that situation so you feel even worse when you find yourself in it.

So when you sense you have taken an off-ramp to an undeveloped area just make a u-turn and get out of there. Get back on the freeway and look for another off-ramp. Get use to listening for the warning signs early on in the conversation in order to try to assess what type of area this latest off-ramp is leading you to. Then start using the disclosure checklist as a way of stepping through the conversations in a logical order to help avoid the unpleasant meandering conversations that go nowhere and are a waste of time.

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