Lockheed CEO talks relationship with DoD, F-35 cost


Marillyn Hewson appeared in an article with Defense News discussing the DOD and F-35. It's hard to imagine how she can sit in an interview with DOD brass and keep a straight face. Her supposed state of the art fighter stands no more of a chance at defeating a UFO than a world war 1 biplane. While Earthlings (EA), primarily consisting of US and allied nations get soaked at almost 100 million per plane our military is incurring UFO sightings at an ever-increasing pace.

It's amazing when you think about it that these people either know exactly what is going on and are intentionally not paying any attention to the phenomenon or they are smart enough to build a fighter like the F-35 but not smart enough to notice there are increasing numbers of videos becoming available showing Celestial Tach One Vehicles (CTVs) performing ratio maneuvers (Right Angle Turns and Instantaneous Omnidirectional acceleration).

Whats even more interesting is when you read her last name in alien.  HEWSON   HE stands for Humanoid Extra Terrestrial and WSON is an enagram for KNOWS. You might be inclined to immediately wonder is she a Humanoid Extra Terrestrial? If so you are missing the point. The key is not to try to figure out if this person or that person is a Humanoid Extra Terrestrial. The key is to figure out do they know that Humanoid Extra Terrestrials Live Among Us (HETLAU). 

Once you realize that is the starting point you can begin to look at people in places of power and make basic assessments about who would know. Check back for articles showing people in places of power that would know what is going on and see HET in action for yourself.