Secretary of State Rex Tillerson out, CIA Director Pompeo to assume role

President Trump announced this morning he was replacing secretary of state Rex Tillerson with CIA chief Mike Pompeo (article). To most people, the last thing on their mind and probably something that never even enters their mind is how in the world could this have anything to do with Extraterrestrials?

If you have been a follower of and reading articles about you should be familiar with the concept of misdirection. Most political pundits and talking heads describe Trumps revolving door administration as something resembling a circus atmosphere. To those aware that the Government is controlled by Hetlau this apparent disorder can actually be seen as a highly synchronized plan in action.

Obviously, no one will corroborate something like this but once you know the possibility of misdirection exists you can look for the hidden clues that reveal repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence. The key is to understand that with disclosure HET will want to demonstrate to the disbelieving Earthlings (EA) they have been living among them the whole time mankind has been on Earth. In order to show this, they need to leave clues all throughout history. Once you know this you can look for those clues in real time as events are unfolding.

So you can make a hypothesis about what is happening that the purpose of their plan is obvious to misdirect the people so they do not realize the Government and thus the people themselves are under Extra Terrestrial control. Then reading the names of the individuals involved in events you can look for the confluence in their meaning that you can't get from corroboration from them directly.

So REX TILLERSON's name says Read EXtra terrestrial TILLER iS ON. Note a tiller is a device used on a boat to control it so his name says when you can read extra terrestrial you can tell the Government and people are being controlled. As in the tiller (control) is on or active.

Mike POMPEO's name says Purpose Obvious Misdirect PEOple. So just like the hypothesis, his name provides confluence that misdirection is taking place not a circus atmosphere of political incompetency. The only question for the EA is can they recognize it before disclosure.

Gina Haspel, the newly nominated director of the CIA still awaits confirmation. Her name follows in line with previous translations. HASPEL = HELPS A (A = Alien).