Trump calls for 'Space Force' as new branch of armed forces



President Trump called for the establishment of a new military branch or "Space Force" yesterday while speaking at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar yesterday (article).

Why is this news, or more appropriately why is this news regarding ET and UFOs? The key is to look at how Trump is smart enough to understand space is a warfighting domain and needs to be defended. Yet in the past three months now two videos have been released with both a west coast and east coast F-18 squadron having video proof of UFO intercepts.

In each of the videos, it is obvious that the fighter aircraft cannot match, maintain, and exceed the energy state of the UFOs. This would be a minimum requirement to maintain air supremacy over Earth. Also the pilots, probably just faking it, appear to have absolutely no idea how to properly interpret as well as maneuver using positional geometry to accurately communicate their intentions pre-merge?

Where it becomes obvious Trump knows exactly what is going on along with the military playing dumb to the whole thing is they understand the concepts of war at a higher dimensional level in space but are completely unaware they can't defend the lower atmospheric level above Earth. That would be the equivalent of going to school and getting a Ph. D and then going back and failing kindergarten.

The fact that Trump and the Fighter Weapons Schools at Top Gun and Red Flag haven't chimed in on the F-18 Intercepts and the inability of US military fighter pilots to be able to defend against vehicles that can outperform them with ratio maneuvers
(ratio = right angle turn and instantaneous omnidirectional acceleration) is what really makes the whole picture much clearer to see.

The public relies on the military to understand these concepts because they are not something the average person wants to have to become proficient at understanding in order to figure out what is really going on. Realizing this all Trump and the military have to do is remain quiet on the subject matter and no one will question what is really going on.

What is more amazing is that not one person in a position of power or authority is questioning this as well. It's one thing to think that a lot of people in the know would remain quiet but you would think that at least one person would want some kind of official statement on the matter.

Its similar to going to the doctor and they won't offer a diagnosis on an issue you are having so you have to go out and obtain a commensurate level of education with a doctor to be able to diagnose your medical condition. The average person is not going to be able to go out and obtain either a military commander level of strategic planning involving space forces and/or a fighter tactician level of understanding of air supremacy.

So where the concept of Trump promoting a space force intersects with ET and UFO disclosure is it makes it readily apparent the government and military know more than they are letting the public in on. This is why staying informed on the subject of ET and UFO disclosure on a daily basis will allow you to see what is really going on rather than waiting for disclosure.