Extraterrestial billboard squatting near Area 51 and Roswell


You've heard of 3 billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri? Get ready for a new take on billboard advertisements (article). Before you run off and start reading the article, do you ever stop and wonder why there is an ever-increasing amount of appearance of Extra Terrestrial related content? From drawings, paintings, books, magazines, movies, and TV shows etc... they're everywhere. Even billboards now. They key is to understand the concept of subliminal dissemination.

By placing this content in front of us everywhere every day we become numb to it and it becomes part of our accepted daily routine without even being aware of it.
It's not a coincidence. its constantly on the rise in order to prepare our minds for disclosure. So as you go through your life each day try to stop and take a moment to recognize when you see this kind of stuff there is a real purpose to it beyond just catchy advertising.