You Can Hunt for Alien Planets in Kepler Data Using Newly Released Google Code


Google just released new software code (article) that allows individuals to search data from the Keppler mission to look for undetected planets. Without going too deep into how this process actually takes place it is a great opportunity to understand how misdirection works. 

Once you are aware Hetlau you can look at what is being prescribed as a possible solution for the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence or Life and begin to wonder why is it that they are willing to go to such great lengths in some areas and completely ignore others. In other words, can you see how they are intentionally getting everyone to focus on a process "they" see fit thus misdirecting everyone?

If you are not aware of Hetlau this seems like the best course of action and doesn't appear as misdirection at all. So part of educating yourself to the concept of Hetlau is evaluating conventional search methods as possible misdirection.

What you should be able to see as you better understand the possibilities of Hetlau are why do individuals and organizations focus so intensely on these seemingly conventional methods and as soon as a more "extreme" methodology is presented it is seen as a delusional disorder and/or a schizophrenic break from reality. In other words when you suggest that ET might not be an intellectual, moral, benevolent being but might actually be a militaristic uncaring being who would enslave EA you are seen as "nuts".

For most people who are not aware of Hetlau this seems very logical. First, no one wants to believe ET would be a "bad" guy and second to understand ET as a militaristic being requires a higher intellectual awareness level. This tends to require work as you have to research and study and it also tends to mean you will have to break off from the "group" of conventional thinkers and most don't want to go there. It's a lot more comforting to stay with the group and believe the "experts" in the group will figure out what is going on. 

The key is when you can understand and see the concept of Hetlau and especially a Hetlau that is a militaristic being you can immediately see how having people spend their time searching data for planets with the possibility of life on them is just a complete waste of time and energy. Not only that but you can begin to see how basic military psyops would have them trying to control the way beings think and act. So why not have them keep thinking a militaristic HET is "nuts" and keep acting like good slaves or sheep searching uselessly for those alien planets. Even if they found one it still won't matter as it would still have to come around full circle to an understanding Hetlau so either way nothing relative to EA progress is really going to be accomplished.

So as with everything you are basically left with two choices you can play it safe and stay with the crowd and search for planets with Googles new AI code. Or, you can take some risk and try to educate and inform yourself as to the possiblities of what might really be going on on Earth. The real question is who is controlling the decision making process you are using to comprehend ET? You or the HET?