Scientists say space aliens could hack our planet


Seth Shostak has written a recent article where he theorizes on how Aliens might hack our planet, or that scientists, in general, worry about the possibilities Aliens might hack our planet.

It's difficult to understand what the purpose of the article really is. It's as if Seth has to fill some air time with a post now and then to remain relevant since SETI hasn't found anything in almost 50 years now and the best he can come up with is trying to piggyback on hacking fears.

Whats interesting is in the article he is willing to concede that Aliens might not be friendly

It’s indisputable that space aliens, if they do exist, might not be friendly.

Instead of following that up with an analysis of how unfriendly they might be, such as living among us as Humanoid Extra Terrestrials, waging war against us and enslaving us, he reverses course. Trying to use an analogy to satisfy the possibility they would not do anything to us if they are sophisticated and we are intellectually inept is apparently much more favorable than assessing a threat priority like war or slavery unless its hacking of course.

But it’s hard to think of things that we could do for agile, technically sophisticated aliens that they couldn’t accomplish more easily on their own. Imagine modern humans threatening Neanderthals with nuclear war unless they washed our cars. Would that make any sense?

Rather than brush it off by insulting our intelligence with his analogy of modern-day humans to Neanderthals being threatened with nuclear war if they don't get a car wash, Why not just put reality in the example. For instance, you could say Extraterrestrials live among us in Humanoid form, wage war against us, and enslave us. They don't need to threaten us or demand anything, they just do it because they can. Yes, that would make sense.

The real reality is the Hetlau have lied to the EA the whole time mankind has been on Earth so EA as a whole have been lied to the whole time they are being educated growing up. Combine that with how Hetlau have structured society to feel its ok to believe in ET and UFO but cross over the line and think the ET and UFOs exist and the Hetlau are at war with us and enslave us and you are suffering from a delusional disorder and/or schizophrenic break from reality.

Once you know Hetlau you can look at how Seth is either completely oblivious to what is going on and is just writing these nonsensical articles or you can see how with an understanding of what is going on he is just mocking the EA with his approaching the line of what is going on and then just waltzing back into more useless comments that accomplish nothing towards resolving what is really going on.

Either-way you are not going to learn anything from reading his article in EA context. The key is to elevate your level of awareness to Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (ETI) and read the article from an ET viewpoint. Then you can see he either has no idea what he is talking about or knows exactly what he is talking about and either way its of no use in terms of solving the ET & UFO phenomenon on Earth. You can even begin to get a sense of why SETI has intentionally made it so they don't find any radio signals for 50 years. Misdirection and Subliminal Dissemination are two very powerful Extraterrestrial tools.

This is why you need to educate yourself so that you are not reliant on the nonsense being perpetrated by the so-called Extraterrestrial experts. Once you know Hetlau you can just see right through what they are saying and you don't need to wait for disclosure you can essentially achieve it yourself.