The Eiffel Tower Could Be Repainted Its Original Vibrant Color


The Eiffel Tower appears in an article saying it is going to be repainted. Most people who study the ET & UFO phenomenon would not even notice this article and certainly would not think it is a key to solving the ET & UFO phenomenon. If you think about it from an EA point of view it's difficult to imagine a scenario where the Eiffel Tower could provide answers.

The key is that you are looking at it from an EA point of view. If you follow you would know to look at it from and ET point of view. With an understanding that Hetlau and that they are leaving clues on the planet to make it easier to reveal they have been here the whole time when disclosure occurs, you can see the repeating patterns that provide a preponderance of evidence.

So what clues could the Eiffel Tower possibly reveal? If you have been reading any previous articles you would be familiar with the concept of bracketing. Immediately upon seeing the article, you would have noticed that the term Eiffel Tower has the letters ET at the beginning of each word. Familiarity with bracketing would have clued you in to notice that because you would know that HET use the beginning and ending letters of words to communicate. Also, ecronyms would have also supported the idea that the term Eiffel Tower has HET communication significance. HET like to leave clues in conjunction with things that are of major significance.

Next converting Eiffel Tower as an enagram would have yielded "for elite few". In other words, the awareness that HET live among us, are leaving clues as to their presence here on Earth, and that this can all be seen in the repeating patterns occurring each day that leave a preponderance of evidence is "for the elite few".

So you basically have two choices. First you can either ignore the ET & UFO phenomenon completely or follow the group mentality with mindless SETI stories and UFO sightings. Your second choice is you can have actual content that demonstrates what is really going on on Earth to read each day showing ET and UFO disclosure before it happens at The choice is yours.

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