The Howard Hughes Memorial Award

This is the type of stuff you have to learn to recognize as well as quickly be able to put in context while you step back from a story instead of getting sucked into the story. While searching the internet for aviation related content I came across an article for someone receiving the Howard Hughes Memorial Award. Who received the award and the article aren't important. What is important is look at the picture of the award itself.


Do you see how the base of the award is basically a UFO? That should immediately trigger your mind to think Howard Hughes is the type of person that would possibly be a HET. Now I don't know that for sure but if not a HET then certainly he would have been a complicit EA in the know.

The design on the award is the same type of nonsense these guys think is so funny. Leaving all these ET related clues all over the planet and the EA have no idea what is going on. Presuming none of the guys in the photo are HET or complicit EA you can sort of sense how stupid they will feel someday knowing Howard and whoever hands that piece of junk out are just insulting them having them stand in front of their little alien joke.

The point is most of the information being passed around the planet is useless. Once you know Hetlau and have trained your eye for what to look for and immediately enage your mind to comprehend everything in the proper context it becomes extremely easy to understand what is really going on.

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