Dubai will begin digital license plate trial next month

A new (article) just came out about how they are implementing digital license plates in Dubai.


Next month, Dubai will begin testing smart license plates.


We have talked about it before. When you read articles do you read them from the ET point of view? Since the article doesn't mention any part of the Triad of Being Had no one pays any attention to it from the ET & UFO point of view.

When you know Hetlau and they are having the EA build out an ETA under EMSR articles like this are key to seeing what is really going on. They also help you elevate your awareness level of that to ETI instead of EAI.

Confused? Just remember the ESH (Xbeings) have advanced technology and they need that technology in place prior to disclosure. Dubai with its vast financial resources is an integral testing point to disseminate the technology from. So clearly HET would have to be interacting with complicit EA in Dubai. 

Once you understand the concept you can think of it as a template and look for other stories about the latest implementations of technology on Earth. Especially ones that will involve the monitoring and tracking of people and their communication. It is basically using the template as a pattern and then looking for the pattern to repeat. 

This is one of the fastest ways to understand what is going on and once you see it you can build upon the concept yourself without the constant need for refresher articles. This is why EA have such a difficult time understanding what is going on. They have no starting point where they can learn how to recognize ETI on Earth and then teach themselves going forward. Instead, they have to sit in suspense waiting for the Hextocracy, Hextary, and Hexnasa to spoon feed them information on their timeline and their terms.

This is why signing the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition and getting others to sign it is so important. It brings control over to the civilian side as more and more people sign it. It forces the Hextocracy, Hextary, and Hexnasa to deal with what is going on and start disclosing the truth because the people are showing they are already aware. 

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