Pentagon cloud plan favors Amazon

An (article) was just published about the Military investigating cloud solutions with companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft.


Without the word Extraterrestrial or UFO appearing in the article, it seems out of place in an ET UFO Disclosure website. This is key to seeing what is going on though. If Hetlau are present on Earth they would have access to technology from other planetary systems that would be the direction the ETA is intending to develop in.

When the military is turning to these companies for solutions you can see the coordination taking place on the planet. Most people just want to believe that there are just a lot of really smart EA and this is just the normal evolution of systems on the planet.

If you look at (articles) describing where the future of data storage is going to go they describe a system where all the worlds data can be stored in one room. This means every bit of data ever recorded on planet Earth since the beginning of mankind's presence on Earth in an area less than one data center.

What this shows you is that EA did not design the Human DNA system. The fact that it is so sophisticated that all data storage is headed towards using it as the most effective and efficient system shows the off-planet linkage that Hetlau would be aware of. No EA could dream this up on their own. Essentially the Hetlau are connected with the Xbeings that designed human beings.

If you follow technology trends and apply a Hetlau theme you can see the facilitation of the ETA in it present on the planet. This is one of the main reasons so-called ET experts can't put together what is going on. They are not willing to apply daily events on Earth as direct evidence of Hetlau presence here on Earth. 

Paying attention to these types of articles will clue you into what is going on and allow you to see the ETA being developed in real-time.

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