Art Bell, mysterious narrator of the American nightscape, is dead at 72


Art Bell passed away (article). He is the type of person you want to evaluate to see if he is a HET. For most ET & UFO enthusiasts he was at the cutting edge of helping everyone find out what is going on with the ET & UFO phenomenon.

The problem is once you know Hetlau all of a sudden what he is doing no longer makes him appear that he was at the cutting edge of helping everyone find out what is going on with the ET & UFO phenomenon. In order to see why you have to put everyone into three groups:

  1. people who have no idea and don't try to understand about ET & UFOs
  2. people who know about and are interested in ET & UFOs
  3. people who know about HET & ETS

Once you look at it from this type of grouping and you know Hetlau you can see that the people in group two really are no different from the people in group one. People in group two think they know what is going on but they actually have no idea. When you realize disclosure is going to reveal HET & ETS you can see that the people in group one are going to know as much or more than the people in group two in one day once disclosure happens.

In fact, the people in group two are probably going to have a harder time believing the HET & ETS explanation because they won't want to hear that they spent all that time understanding ET & UFO and were tricked receiving subliminal dissemination and couldn't figure out the HET & ETS part of the story.

That takes you to Art Bell where you have to wonder how a guy could spend so much time talking about ET & UFOs and not either theorize about HET & ETS or have one of his callers theorize about it and get him going down that path.

When you place the possibilities into groups of what he might have known and been doing you get:

he was an EA with no idea and was just not able to see what was going on
he was a complicit EA that was performing subliminal dissemination and misdirection
he was a HET that was performing subliminal dissemination and misdirection
The reason it is both subliminal dissemination and misdirection is once you spend that much time performing subliminal dissemination it becomes misdirection.

When you look at the criteria you use to see if he might be HET

  1. Name is publically recognizable
  2. Career is subliminal dissemination and/or misdirection
  3. appearing to be making the hand gesture
  4. appears his name has hidden message

He does not appear to have numbers one and three. To ET & UFO enthusiasts he is well known. The general public has never heard of him. His career appears as subliminal dissemination and misdirection. He does not seem to have images of himself making the hand gesture. His name when translated using wormation says:

BR A TELL (enagram)
B = 2 (alphanumeric)
R = 18 (alphanumeric)
2 + 18 = 20
20 = T (alphanumeric)
T = ET (ecronym)
A = About (ecronym)


So his name definitely shows some confluence. In the end, though what really matters is no one is going to know who he was on a global scale. When you're trying to understand what is going on on Earth with the actual HET & ETS phenomenon you have to focus on key individuals, not just anyone. 

For example back when you read the Two Way Mirror Theory and Estimation Theory and you realize the potential for how many HET may be present on Earth you realize you can only know about a very small percentage of them so they key is to focus on the most important or at least seemingly more important ones in order to try to see what is going on.

Otherwise, you will be overwhelmed with information similar to Ufologists trying to document every UFO sighting since Roswell. Unfortunately, Art just isn't that important in the bigger picture for those that want to understand the HET & ETS phenomenon.

You can also see how confused all his followers are. They leave all these kind messages eulogizing him but no one theorizes he might have been involved in the coverup. ET & UFO enthusiasts are just to focused on the Triad of Being Had to bring it back to Earth and focus on the HET & ETS phenomenon.

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