Space as a national security concern is hard to explain


A new (article) was published where the Government and Military want our sympathy because it is supposedly hard to explain why space is a national security concern.

As usual, you can waste your time reading the article or you can just look at the headline and see they are lying to us again. Whats even funnier about this lie is that it is the very reason they are having their problem. They claim its difficult to explain why space is a national security concern. The reason why it is so difficult is very simple. 

Space is a global security concern because the Xbeings who won't admit they exist and are using polymorphing HET to infiltrate Earth are at war with the EA. The EA don't realize that space is the mergeline where opposing forces of EA and ET intersect. Since the EA are oblivious to this it leaves open the opportunity for the Hetlau to craft their own interpretation of what space needs to be used for.

Since the Hetlau have kept the EA separated into countries they now have to use the concept of national security for anything to make sense to anyone. If you told everyone they needed global security from space the EA would realize there is no reason to be at war with each other on Earth and the Hetlau would lose out on all the benefits they get by manufacturing all these wars on Earth to achieve EPMS to facilitate the ETA.

The problem is that since your position of national security is actually a complete farce you have to spend a lot of time and effort crafting a story and explaining it to people who don't understand the technology you want to employ in space.

You could use the analogy of bank robbers (Hetlau) breaking into a bank (Earth) and telling one of the bank tellers (a nation) we need to set up security around just your teller window (united states) because the other tellers might steal from you. The tellers are wondering why you don't just put security around the whole bank to protect all the tellers. Fortunately, the bank robbers had the foresight of having wars on the planet so they could make the excuse "look we have previous examples of tellers stealing (wars) from each other throughout history".

Fortunately for the bank robbers, the tellers aren't smart enough to figure out what is going on and when they are informed by other customers ( they simply say the customer is suffering from a delusional disorder and/or a schizophrenic break from reality. Then they proceed to make funds available to build the latest high tech security around their teller window.

If that isn't funny enough what is even funnier is the tellers don't realize where this is all headed. Once disclosure happens Xbeings will be walking around the planet with all the tellers realizing they are the bank robbers and the Xbeings will be making withdrawals which is tantamount to stealing and the tellers know they are the robbers. Why can't the tellers do anything? Because those high-security systems are actually ET prisons the EA built for the ET in order to imprison themselves because they couldn't figure out what was going on and didn't believe it when they were told by

You could even equate this to the U.S. building the wall between itself and Mexico. The EA U.S. citizens want to keep EA Mexicans out of their country by building a wall but they have no problem allowing Hetlau to run their Government and Military and operate an AIS Alien Interstellar Spacecraft Base (ACE BASE) right in their own backyard (Area 51).

If it wasn't happening to us it would be the most comedic thing happening on the planet. What is even funnier to watch is the adult HET telling their children what is going on while they turn around and lie to the adult grown-ups that are their neighbors and friends. Disclosure is going to be quite a scene when everyone realizes all this.

Do you see why it is so difficult to get disclosure? You are getting it right now but because most people don't like the story they say its not disclosure it's  a psychosis apparently from a delusional disorder and/or a schizophrenic break from reality. We want a disclosure story we like. Tell us a benevolent being is going to come down and wave his magic wand and make everything better. If that is not the story then we don't want it.

In other words, if the truth is to unpleasant to contemplate then ignore it. Just keeping looking for a story that satisfies your curiosity and then select that one. Who cares how ridiculous the story is or what your are asked to believe, and if everyone is believing it even better you can relax in the comfort of having a story you like as well as a lot of company to agree with you.

Do you see what happens to the EA mind when they miss out on the story the little HET children are being told. It has an enormous impact on their ability to comprehend reality when they become grown up adults listening to a lie their whole life. It is sort of like the saying if you tell a lie long enough it becomes the truth. They have been telling this lie the whole time mankind has been on Earth and as far as mankind is concerned it is the truth.

It is also like the saying you just can't make this stuff up. The problem is that is exactly what the Xbeings problem is. They have to keep making this stuff up everyday which is why they are having such a difficult time explaining the need for the EA to see space as a national security issue.

You can see just how ridiculous the story they are fabricating about why space is a national security issue is and how much nonsense they have to make up and keep circulating everyday to keep everyone from figuring out what is going on.

The smartest thing they did was realize by using the terms ET & UFO the EA would not be able to elevate their minds to use the terms HET & ETS ( CTV & Volute) so their secret is safe until disclosure unless enough people sign the Extraterrestrial Disclosure Petition and force disclosure prematurely.

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