NASA’s TESS spacecraft launches to begin its exoplanet search

An (article) was just published describing the launch of NASA's new TESS spacecraft.


To show you how important it is to read the information on you can do a little test experiment. Currently, the hypothesis that is being put forward is that Hetlau and everything that is being pursued in outer space is part of the Triad of Being Had. Most EA simply refuse to believe this.

What is also saying is that the Hetlau are leaving hidden messages in the names of objects or EvenTs to reveal to the EA that they were here the whole time and were in control and the EA had no idea. 

So if this hypothesis is true you would think using wormation you could read the name of the mission TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) and it will tell you that the Hetlau were in control and it was part of the Triad of Being Had.


Do you see how easy it was to solve that and confirm the hypothesis? You could waste your time reading the article hoping they will find something out there. Even if they do find something it will just lead back to the Hetlau

How many examples of this do you need to come back and see each day before you start to realize knows what they are talking about? Get out in front of disclosure and realize what is going on rather than being deceived like everyone else and listening to the nonsense being subliminally disseminated by the Hexnasa.

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