JEDI To Deploy Backpack Servers To Front Line

An (article) was just published describing how the JEDI is deploying new servers to the frontline of the battlefield.


The first thing you notice about the article is that they have shifted the naming convention. In the past, the device the soldier is holding was a laptop and now they are referring to it as a backpack server. Then the servers on the boats or in shipping containers are now referred to as data centers.

By renaming data centers the cloud they have created an opening to require all new hardware technology pushed out to the edge simply because the legacy naming convention makes it functional with the new naming convention network. That's some pretty slick marketing.

Regardless once you have an opportunity to look at how new technology is being deployed and then add to that military technology and you have a great opportunity to see the Hetlau in action building their ETA.

They have the EA fighting each other without even knowing it which provides a great cover story to promote more EPMS allowing the placement of expensive, advanced, and cutting-edge technologies into the field. In this case the front line of the battlefield. Unfortunately for the EA they can't figure out what is going on so this all appears to make sense.

Were the EA able to apply precognition they would see this same pattern has been repeating itself all throughout history. Then realizing its all headed to a functional ETA and disclosure they would be able to see the plan unfolding.

Where it gets even more interesting is when you start looking at these really cool names the Hetlau come up with to call this technology. To the EA JEDI has the star wars name play going on. Little do the EA realize star wars means the ET star is at war against our EA star.

Then they apply the acronym Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure (JEDI) to make it appear as though it fits in seamlessly with their Joint Information Environment. Add to that terms like "tactical edge computing devices" and "rapidly deployable data centers" and surely this will prevent us from getting stuck in wars like Iraq and Afghanistan where we have been mired for almost two decades now against forces whose most powerful weapon is an IED and a Toyota truck with a 50 caliber machine gun mounted on it. You have to wonder if anyone is really paying attention.

After all that though you could just follow the steps you see happening daily on which would tell you not to even bother reading the article and just look at what they are calling this nonsense using wormation.

J = 10 (alphanumeric)
E = 5 (alphanumeric)
D = 4 (alphanumeric)
I = 1 (symbolism)
10 + 5 + 4 +1 = 20
20 = T (alphanumeric)
T = ET (ecronym)


Suddenly those JEDI backpack servers become ET backpack servers facilitating the ETA.

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