DNI Coats: Enemies are developing advanced technology, space weapons. ‘We have to up our game’

An (article) was just posted where DNI Coats explains how we need to better defend our space assets against increasing capabilities by foreign threats.


This is no different than the repeating pattern you have seen all throughout history of how they have us developing advanced technology to fight ourselves, the only difference is now they are just tricking us to do it in outer space. Until the EA realize they are EA and they are all on the same team and the Hetlau are deceiving them, this is the type of nonsense we will have to listen to each day.

If you are following etufodisclosure.com you should be able to see these articles and immediately see them for what they are. Every day it is the same thing. Though the event each day might be slightly different in the end each day is just another piece of a larger puzzle that is not changing. Hetlau are at war with us and enslaving us.

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