Second SpaceShipTwo performs first powered test flight

An (article) was just posted about Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo "Unity" first powered test flight.


Rather than jumping right into the article, do you try to step back and see the ETI in it? For example, would you spend enormous amounts of money to design and test a spaceship when you have UFO sightings occurring on almost a daily basis now? As the owner of a business wouldn't you be concerned we learn what these vehicles are and realize a new method of space travel far beyond anything we are going to develop. What about the possibility the US Government and Military know something and are not releasing the information wouldn't that be of concern to you?

Notice how Virgin Galactic just pushes right ahead and doesn't even discuss it all, it's basically a non-issue. So either the owners are completely oblivious to what is going on or they know and just aren't saying anything. Which do you think?

Do you see how with the possibility Hetlau and an ETA is being constructed this would all be part of that plan? Then once you read the Two Way Mirror Theory and realize they are here and start to wonder how many by reading the Estimation Theory you can see their presence in stories like this.

This is just another small example of why the EA can't figure out what is going on. They cannot draw the connections between the UFO sightings and the EvenTs on Earth and realize it is all part of one large plan taking place right in front of them. It's just too much to get your mind around and then combine that with the fact you believe the people in the public eye are all EA on the same team and it never dawns on anyone to take a different viewpoint of everything.

That's basically all you have to do. Each day when you are reading these articles read them from the point of view of Hetlau and an ETA being facilitated and things will slowly start to make sense. Each day you will see the repeating patterns that reveal the preponderance of evidence in the absense of corroboration.

Next, you can learn to read the names surrounding the events, for example, the spaceship is called UNITY. Using wormation you can see that UNITY is a porpheme for UNIT YES. Unit means a single quantity or one and we know that one = 1 = A = alien in alphanumerics.

So the name Unity for SpaceShipTwo says "Alien Yes" when translated in Alien.

Then you can do a quick image search online and see if anyone is making the hand gesture:



This obviously isn't proof. You have to realize though proof isn't going to come until disclosure. The trick is to realize everyone is looking in the wrong direction (misdirection) focusing on biological building blocks on exoplanets and searching for radio signals. Notice how no one will do both, look for biological building blocks on exoplanets and searching for radio signals while simultaneously searching for Hetlau. It is even more bizarre when you realize it doesn't really cost anything to search for Hetlau.

The problem with searching for Hetlau is people don't see it as a serious science which makes little sense either. Then you have to realize discovering them will be a worst case scenario and who wants to deal with that as well. It's no wonder everyone wants to stay the course and just keep looking for ET and UFOs. Surely the least challenging, more expensive, publicly accepted method will yield results first.

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