Lockheed Martin wins $247.5M NASA contract for super-quiet supersonic test jet

Lockheed Martin just received a quarter billion dollars to build the next supersonic jet (article).


If you follow etufodisclosure.com you know you don't even need to read the article to figure out what is going on. The EA just wasted another quarter billion dollars building something they don't even need. Well, don't need unless it's more convenient to travel at supersonic Mach numbers after disclosure than vectoring themselves around the planet in Volutes.

With the possibility Hetlau are transiting star systems and commuting back and forth to Earth each day using Tach numbers what is the point in building something that travels in Mach numbers. There really can only be two reasons.

  1. They are using it to develop technology they need to bring EA technology closer to ET technology
  2. It is actually more convenient to travel this way intraplanetary even when Volutes are available.

Option one is basically nothing more than a continuation of everything EA have been doing and seeing happen throughout history. The ESH (Xbeings) just keep leading the EA around like a horse pulling a carriage having them build the technology they want to be developed in order to have a fully functioning ETA at disclosure. All the while the EA just think they are really smart and are actually developing all the stuff they have developed on Earth throughout history.

The second option which actually requires a little more thought is that maybe when disclosure happens it is still more convenient to travel around the planet in supersonic aircraft (Mach numbers) than it is to travel around the planet in Volutes (Tach numbers).

Using your neighborhood, walking, and driving as an example you can see the comparison. If you want to go to your neighbor's house you may choose to just walk there. Technically you could drive there quicker in the sense that the car can more quickly move from your house to their house. The problem is by the time you get in the car, start it up, drive it, park it, get out, lock it etc... it may actually take longer and it may simply just be more inconvenient than just walking.

Without knowing how involved launching a Volute is even though it may be able to go from point A to point B quicker it may be more convenient to travel via more conventional means. For example what if launching a Volute for an interplanetary / interstellar hop is more like launching the space shuttle. It may simply be too cumbersome for shorter distances.

The real point is that no one on Earth is putting together the connection. People on Earth just stare up into space and keep yelling out UFO UFO UFO. Then they see technology being developed and they think wow we EA are really smart developing this new cutting edge stuff. No puts together that they are really connected. Then add to that no one in the Government, Military, NASA, (Hextocracy, Hextary, Hexnasa) or the private firms like Lockheed Martin is pointing this out as if they wouldn't be aware.

Unfortunately this all seems to go right over the heads of the EA and when you explain it to them. They just can't believe its happening right in front of them and would rather continue to search for biological building blocks on exoplanets, search for radio signals from star systems other than our own, and continue to call identifiable vehicles that don't fly unidentified flying objects. It's just another day on Earth.

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